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Company Background

Our History 
In 1985, noted scientist and holistic therapist Hubertus Trouillé created the unique Almased formula to treat and improve the metabolism of his patients in Germany. Based on their results, Almased was found to be very effective for losing weight and improving psychical and physical performance. Today, almost 20 years after Almased’s invention, the company is owned and operated by Hubertus Trouillé’s son, André Trouillé. Almased is still manufactured under the same quality standards and patented processes as it was when originally developed and is the best-selling weight loss product in Germany. In 1998, Almased USA, Inc. was founded to bring the remarkable Almased products to Americans who seek to achieve or maintain their ideal weight while enhancing their overall health and wellness. 

Our Mission
Almased’s mission is to provide individuals with all-natural products to improve health, increase energy, promote weight loss and decrease the number of metabolic disturbances responsible for obesity and other serious illnesses. 

The Almased Formula
The Almased Synergy Diet, our premier product, is made from the purest all-natural ingredients using a unique manufacturing process. Made from soy protein, honey enzymes and skim milk yogurt powder that complement each other through a fermentation process. They work together in a synergistic way, which means that when combined, these three ingredients are more effective than if used individually. Almased guarantees the supply with highly effective elements for the best possible metabolism. In addition to the Almased Synergy Diet, we also offer an herbal Wellness Tea.

Scientifically Supported
Almased is backed by several clinical studies from universities in Germany and the United States. Unlike many nutritional formulas who refer to studies conducted with mixtures or pharmaceutical substances related to their product, Almased is supported by clinical studies of the product itself. Our customers can trust in the research behind the product.

Additionally, the International Journal of Obesity reported the beneficial effects of Almased on overweight and obese individuals. Research has also revealed that Almased can be extremely helpful for people with diabetes, as well as improve the overall well-being of healthy individuals. 

Nutrition and Diet

The Almased Figure Plan is your roadmap for a slim body with nutritional advice and delicious healthy recipes. Losing 10 pounds in 14 days is possible with this plan for the dream figure you have always wanted. The plan guides you through the three weight loss stages with Almased, provides you with a meal plan for every day, and offers delicious, healthy recipes for weight maintenance in the fourth phase, “Life Phase”.

The Almased Weight Loss Program provides you with information and tips on how Almased can help you achieve fast, healthy and effective weight loss.


How Almased can help People with Diabetes

Almost 24 million people suffer from diabetes in the United States – Almased can help most of them to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.
Good news for millions of people with diabetes: Many people who suffer from so-called type 2 diabetes can lose weight with Almased and – combined with physical activity and a sensible diet – minimize dreaded long-term risks of metabolic disorders.

This is how Almased can help:
Scientific studies have proven that people with diabetes can lower their insulin level as well as the equally important leptin level by taking only 50 g of Almased (8 level tablespoons) per day. The diet works immediately, people with diabetes lose weight, the body relaxes and the risk of secondary complications decreases.

Why it is easier for people with type 2 diabetes to lose weight with Almased?
On average, people with diabetes have a significantly higher insulin level than people without diabetes – one of the reasons why it is harder for them to lose weight. The findings of a recent scientific study are especially interesting for people with diabetes. The participants in the study used 50 g Almased daily as part of their diet. The result: their weight decreased and their blood levels - especially the fasting blood sugar level, the fasting insulin level and the long-term blood sugar level - improved noticeably.

The results of another Almased study show that the leptin level improves significantly with weight loss. Leptin plays a major role in the satiety regulation of the brain (telling your body that you’re full) and in the fat burning process. In people who are overweight, those mechanisms are impaired. When weight is lost, particularly in the abdominal area, the feeling of satiety and the fat burning process are typically normalized. A diet incorporating Almased can lead to more weight loss, particularly in the abdominal area. This means that through the Almased Synergy Diet the satiety regulation of the brain as well as the fat burning process can be regulated much more effectively.

Insulin and fat storage – what is the correlation?
Insulin is a "storage hormone” which regulates the carbohydrate and fat metabolisms in the body. An increased insulin level leads to more fat storage in the fat cells. Simultaneously, the breakdown of fat is inhibited. Since Almased has an especially low glycemic index, the insulin level decreases significantly during an Almased-supported diet. This results in an increased fat burning process and improved blood levels.

The importance of the basal metabolic rate
The basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories the body burns while in a state of rest. During a hunger phase, the body works at a minimal level. It uses the calories it gets as slowly and thoroughly as possible. The basal metabolic rate decreases and only then does it tap into fat reserves: it gets the energy it needs from muscle protein before it starts attacking the fat storage. With every diet the body gets used to a lower basal metabolic rate instead of “going back to normal” after the diet. At the same time, the thyroid function is disturbed and the dreaded yo-yo effect sets in. This does not happen on a diet with Almased.

The first step to success
Consume 50 g of Almased (8 level tablespoons; 1.1 carb choices) mixed in water. Measure your blood sugar level on an empty stomach and 2 hours after the Almased shake. This is an easy way to find out how Almased affects your blood sugar. The goal is a blood sugar level of 120-140 mg/dl after 2 hours.


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